All of our Chopping Boards and Butchers Blocks are hand made from various hardwoods, as they are natural wood products they will expand and contract as they absorb and lose moisture.   Here’s what to do to help your chopping board live a long and happy life.

Finishing a board

It is perfectly normal for your board to swell and shrink across the grain, it is also perfectly normal for your board to cup or crown depending on the moisture it has been exposed to. For example if you get the top of the board wet that may cause it to swell across the top but not on the bottom of the board which may cause it to crown. If this happens you can either wait for it to dry and return to normal or you can wet the bottom of the board.

If this happens to your board on a regular basis your board may need re-sealing. we have mineral oil and blended oil and bees wax as products that you can order and recondition your board with.

Steps you can take to avoid board warp.

  1. Do not put your board in the Dishwasher, Oven or Microwave, or leave it to dry on top of a radiator or other heat source.  The extreme heat these appliances generate will destroy your board almost definitely beyond repair.
  2. Always wash both sides of your board briefly, do not leave your board soaking in water for extended periods,  once its clean again allow to dry on its side so both sides can dry at the same rate.
  3. If your board does not have rubber feet then when its not in use try and keep it standing on its side, this will help both sides to remain at the same moisture level.
  4. Oil your board every year with a food grade mineral oil or seal your board every year with a mineral oil and bees wax mix. Both are available from Hardwood Chopping Boards.

We only use food safe grade glues and finishes. All boards are finished using mineral oil and bees wax.

drying after an Oil bath

How to apply Oil or Oil and Beeswax
To apply oil or oil and beeswax mixture to your board first make sure its clean and dry.
Use a plain white linen cloth or plain kitchen towel.
Dip to cloth / towel in the oil pot and rub the oil all over the board.
The oil will make the board look a little darker so it will be easy to see if you’ve missed any spots.
Make sure to give it a good even coat.
Set the board aside on a baking rack to dry, ideally overnight.