American Cherry Butchers Block / Cutting Board


American Cherry Butchers Block (BB46)

Size 460mm x 360mm x 50mm thick.

!!Our first ever product made from American Cherry!!

American cherry is a supreme hardwood species from the U.S. hardwood forests and is unique to North America, with warm colour tones

Cherry develops a rich reddish-brown patina as it ages which is accelerated by prolonged periods in direct sunlight.

Cherry has a hardness rating on the Janka scale of 950 lbf (4,230 N), in other words Cherry is very strong and durable, and highly resistant to rot.

This butchers block has so many uses and not limited to just chopping meat or veg. Use it for all types of food preparation.

At 460mm x 360mm x 50mm thick this is a very large board.

Hand made in Cornwall this board has been lovingly created from solid Hardwood and finished using food grade finishes, simply natural mineral oil and natural beeswax, nothing else.

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