Oak Fluted Butchers Block


Oak Fluted Butchers Block (BB53)

A very generous size at 465mm x 340mm x 50mm thick.

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Oak Fluted Butchers Block .

On one side this board is completely flat allowing for the chopping of, well quite frankly anything you like.

However on the other side this board has a groove all around the boarder, along with 3 flutes running down the length so you can slice bread or joints with fear of crumbs or juice running everywhere.

To facilitate ease of lifting this board has curved edges all the way around instead of square sides thereby negating the need for a handle and making this board truly multiple purpose and even better value for money.

Super-sized at 465mm x 340mm x 50mm thick, for the serious cook (and of course the not so serious as well)
At 50mm thick this is a life time board, it will take many years of use to wear this board down.

The end grain pattern is absolutely stunning, an artistic creation if ever there was one, the lines create an amazing pattern that your eyes will love to devour.
This butchers block has so many uses and not limited to just carving meat or chopping veg. Use it for all types of food preparation and serving.

Should the need arise, at 50mm thick this board can be re-surfaced many times and still dominate the work space.

Hand made in Cornwall this board has been lovingly created from solid Hardwood and finished using food grade finishes, simply natural mineral oil and natural beeswax, nothing else.

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