Solid Maple Roll Top Bread Bin With Walnut Tambour Lid and Light Wood Handle

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Solid Maple & Walnut Roll Top Bread Bin (RTBB4)
Internal size 380 x 275 x 150mm

Sold out!

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To call this a meer ‘Bread Bin’ simply does not do it justice.

This classic Bread Storage facility combines elegance and class in form along with superb function.

When the Bread is hidden it is also protected from the elements that abound in the open air of the kitchen, but it also places in full display the elegance and beauty of the Tambour lid.

When Function and Form meet in perfect harmony and add top the elegance of your kitchen.

External size 400 x 300 x 200mm

Hand made in Cornwall this bowl has been lovingly prepared for your kitchen using food grade finishes.
This bread bin has been sealed using food grade mineral oil and natural beeswax.

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