Solid Ash Fruit / Veg Bowl


Solid Ash Fruit / Veg Bowl (FB1)
Internal size 245 Diameter x 60mm Deep

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Solid Ash Fruit / Veg Bowl with Ash base.

This bowl has been designed to minimise waste during the production process.
When the majority of bowls are made a piece of wood the size of the entire bowl is used then the middle section is carved or cooped out to make the bowl generating huge amounts of waste which usually ends up in a fire somewhere.
Not so with this bowl.
We take one (or two depending on the height) smaller pieces of wood, cut them into an Octagon and then carve the Octagon into a circle thereby generating far less waste, this also has an impact on the grain pattern as you can see.
The resultant effect is nothing short of stunning, we take our time to make the grain pattern match and flow around the bowl.
An amazing display piece for your kitchen.

Internal size 245 Diameter x 60mm Deep

Hand made in Cornwall this bowl has been lovingly assembled using food grade finishes.
This bowl has been sealed using food grade mineral oil and natural beeswax.

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